The Bright Futures Fund

The Bright Futures Scholarship Fund provides need-based financial aid to Fulbright University Vietnam students. Gifts to the Fund are tax deductible to the extent provided by US law.

Fulbright University Vietnam’s commitment to educating Vietnam’s most academically promising students irrespective of background can only be achieved with a robustfinancial aid program. Fulbright is the first Vietnamese university to develop a need-based financial aid program, with the result that almost 75% of undergraduate students receive financial aid. Students in the Fulbright School of Public Policy and Management’s flagship Masters in Public Policy program also receive generous scholarships.
“As a combat infantry medic, I saw all the hurt of war. The BrightFutures Scholarship Fund gives me that rare second chance in life: anopportunity to invest in a peaceful, promising way forward forVietnam and Americans.”
–David Rogers
“As a Vietnam veteran, it is very meaningful to support Vietnam’s nextgeneration—future leaders who will make a difference, in Vietnam andthe world.”
--Marshall N. Carter
“For many in my generation, Vietnam was the polarizing and defining experience in our lives. Now, like the Vietnamese themselves who have determinedly moved on, those of us involved with Fulbright University, both antiwar activists and Vietnam Veterans, find common cause in helping Vietnam and the Vietnamese achieve peace, prosperity and opportunity.”
–Frances A. Zwenig
“On April 29, 1975, my family fled Saigon for the US. I lost my home and my childhood. What I gained is a new home and access to an outstanding education in the US. I support Fulbright University Vietnam so that Vietnam’s brightest minds can experience a world-class education to realize their dreams, catalyze change or lead innovation.”
–Nga Tran

A gift to Fulbright University Vietnam is an investment in Vietnam’s future.