AI vs. Universities : Should we need to go to school if AI takes over education?

The engaging conversation between Prof. Scott Fritzen and Prof. Truong Nguyen Thanh on Thanh Nien Podcast’s YouTube channel offered profound insights into the future of the job market within the context of a rapidly evolving, AI-driven economy. This pivotal discussion in Vietnamese educational discourse allowed both experts to explore deeply the top 10 skills vital for future success. Highlights of the session included a focus on the importance of human-centered education, the critical role of ethics, and the indispensable nature of critical thinking. These elements were presented as essential for anyone aiming to remain relevant and sought-after in the workforce.

For those who missed the initial airing, the full conversation is available on Thanh Nien Podcast’s YouTube channel, serving as a valuable guide for understanding the nexus of education and future job trends.

Watch the full conversation

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