The essence of Liberal Education and its role in shaping students’ perspectives

VietSuccess, December 2023 – On the airing date of 31 December 2023 of the latest episode of The Quoc Khanh Show on VietSuccess, Professor Scott Fritzen – President of Fulbright University Vietnam, discussed “Future-Ready Workforce: Mastering Adaptability for Tomorrow’s Challenges”. The conversation centered on how education, particularly liberal arts, equips students for a rapidly evolving world. Scott emphasized the necessity for adaptability in the face of constant technological and societal shifts. He argued that classroom knowledge can quickly become outdated, necessitating a focus on critical thinking and adaptability. Key topics included global business trends, essential skills for future workforces, the pace of higher education in Vietnam, and the adaptation of Fulbright University’s curriculum to current industry demands. The discussion also delved into how liberal arts education enhances workforce quality, fosters global awareness, and combines academic excellence with practical skills. Furthermore, strategies to integrate technical skills with liberal arts education, challenges in implementing such education, and preparation for AI-era demands were discussed. Our President concluded by offering advice to students and actionable steps for business leaders and educators in preparing for future challenges.

Watch the full conversation on VietSuccess.

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