Exploring the identity through both Art and People

Tuong Nguyen is currently a student at Fulbright University Vietnam and a YouTuber with 300,000 subscribers. Her journey of growth, personal understanding, and a passion for educational pursuits have been recorded by her time at Fulbright.   

Tuong Nguyen’s educational journey at Fulbright has witnessed her growth, self-understanding, and passion in her educational pursuits.

Concerns are progressively addressed as they are exposed to the new knowledge  

Since her middle school years, when Tuong Nguyen observed her classmates struggling with the same aspects of self-study, she formed a strong desire to pursue an education of her own. With the message “Try to become a better version of yourself” and the intention of assisting the youth community in maximizing their individual potential, she was determined to create a YouTube channel devoted to learning and sharing study strategies. 

Tuong Nguyen further disclosed that her education at Fulbright University Vietnam has helped her “enlighten” on numerous matters, which has been of great assistance in her YouTube product development pursuits. Motivated by the passion for painting and media production, during her freshman year of college,  she enrolled in Mr. Aaron Toronto‘s Film Production course – director of the movie “Brilliant Night!” won the Best Story award from the 2022 Santa Fe Film Festival. 

Tuong Nguyen vividly recalled the first lesson: “Visual storytelling techniques are among the most crucial elements when creating a product”. She stated that prior to enrolling in his course, she encountered challenges in comprehending the techniques behind shot compositions that conveyed significant meanings through their camera angles. With the assistance of the instructions and the insightful advice provided by Mr. Aaron, who possesses a multitude of knowledge, her inquiries have been satisfactorily resolved. 

Visual storytelling techniques are among the most crucial elements when creating a product.

The results of those lessons were immediately applied by Tuong Nguyen to her next video or blog products. The changes that make she feel the most clearly are that the video quality is getting better and better, the camera angles look more artistic and “cinematic”, and most importantly, she can use the camera angles to convey information in which the core message reaches the audience without having to say too much like before. 

“I feel happy because what I learned at school has been applied a lot to my personal projects. What’s more special is when that knowledge falls right into the things I love and want to develop further.” 

Tuong Nguyen is working on a final project for his Film Production class

From everything around back to one’s self – a journey of understanding 

“To compare my journey at Fulbright, I believe that it is a journey where I can step by step maximize my potential and aim for people, because of people.” 

While pursuing a degree in Art and Media Studies and maintaining a YouTube channel that focuses primarily on the development of the youth community, Tuong Nguyen realized that the goal in any artistic creation is to take materials from life to raise a life value to the audience. This causes her to have an intense desire to comprehend her surroundings, and this is, by chance, also the genesis of Tuong Nguyen’s new journey: majoring in Social Studies. 

“Studying multiple majors based on my interests and graduating with two bachelor’s degrees at Fulbright has brought me great joy, as it allows me to pursue diverse fields that share many similarities. This allowed me to complete studies in sociology, media studies, and the arts within just 4 years.” 

When she was in Ethnographic Research Methods class and was required to complete a midterm research paper on human culture, Tuong Nguyen returned to Xom Mut, where she lives, to observe and report. This is one of her most memorable experiences. An intriguing development is that as Tuong Nguyen explores further, she no longer perceives the miserable existence she once believed in. However, due to the inherent sense of community and solidarity in her birthplace, she grows even more in love with it. 

“At this time, learning encompasses not only the acquisition of knowledge, but also the process of self-discovery through a deeper understanding of my origins, upbringing, and the cultural influences that shaped me.” Who we are can be profoundly influenced by our living environment”, Tuong Nguyen sentimentally remembered. 

As she reflects on her previous journey, Tuong Nguyen feels delighted to be standing at the intersection of two supposedly separate fileds —that of art and humanity. Now, if someone asks who Tuong Nguyen is, she will not hesitate to answer: “I am a small link, connecting two fields I love to bring positive things to everyone.” 

Let’s explore majors that Tuong Nguyen is pursuing:

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