Community Weeks 2023

The Community Weeks 2023 is a series of events aimed at fostering the community spirit of Fulbright. As part of this program, Fulbright students have contributed essential items and recyclable materials to the “Community Station”. Subsequently, these contributions have been delivered by Fulbright students to Ngoc Quang Monastery, Nhat Hong Shelter, and Hoa Mau Don Shelter – during the “Community Visits”. Over the course of two weeks of calling for and organizing donations, the “Community Station” has received a total of 42kg of paper, 8kg of plastic bags, 4kg of plastic, along with material goods worth 2,500,000 VND.
Thanks to these events, Fulbright students have actively contributed and shared love and compassion with those in need, through both material and spiritual means. The community-oriented spirit has always been considered a core value that Fulbright seeks to instill and encourage in its students. The Community Weeks 2023 has become a profoundly meaningful series of activities, not only for the Fulbright student community but also for disadvantaged communities.

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