Giving Fair 2023

The Giving Fair is part of Giving Week 2023 and serves as a gathering place for booths representing 13 Fulbright student clubs and projects. This event has become a highlight where participants can contribute to Fulbright by purchasing “tamarind leaves” worth 10,000 VND or 50,000 VND to join in activities at the booths. The 13 booths offer a diversity of activities, such as small-scale sports games, baked goods and second-hand clothing sales, DIY activities, exciting games, and exhibitions of artistic works. This creates a lively and vibrant atmosphere.

The Giving Fair holds significant importance as it not only raises funds for the Student Development Fund but also showcases the energy, talents, and diversity of Fulbright students to attendees. The fair can be seen as a microcosm that fully reflects the vibrant and cohesive life of Fulbright students.

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